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When a middle-aged project manager loses everything in a divorce, he is forced to move in with three carefree millennials who help reboot his regimented life.

TV Comedy pilot – available upon request.


Everything good comes in threes. Right?

A comedy short written for the 2018 Frederick 72-Hour Film Festival.


A young woman has no luck getting into a night club when she faces a persistent bouncer – and she’s the only one in line.

An original two-person comedy scene for ABC Casting’s 2015 ABC Discovers: New York Talent Showcase, performed live on October 6, 2015, at the New World Stages in New York City. Here is the original submission.


Breaking up is hard to do. Especially for lifelong roommates.

An original two-person comedy scene submitted for the 2018 ABC-Disney Discovers Talent Showcase.


When Dave loses his cool at an Ops meeting, he’s sent to Anger Management, and is in for a rude awakening.

A comedy sketch submitted to NBC for their Late Night Writers Workshop, and performed by cast members of the ABC Discovers: New York Talent Showcase.


What if people at the office acted just like cats?

A comedy sketch submitted to NBC for their Late Night Writers Workshop.


When opportunity strikes, a man makes good on a promise his best friend took for granted.

An original short screenplay written for the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge 2015. I had one weekend to write a five-page short based on these three items:

  • Genre: Mystery
  • Setting: A waste treatment facility
  • Object: A loaf of banana bread


A guy with zero confidence warns his blind date, with zero trust in men, she’ll hit all five stages of grief before their evening is over.

An original two-person comedy scene submitted for the 2016 ABC-Disney Discovers Talent Showcase.


A shy boy’s life is forever altered when he teaches a beautiful transfer student how to dance.

An original short screenplay written for the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge 2015. I had one week to write a 12-page short based on these three items:

  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Subject: A formal dance
  • Character: A tutor

I received an honorable mention.


Rose helps her dad make a commercial after his first attempt is a disaster.

I was a staff writer for the comedy web series Click! about a beleaguered photography studio in downtown Baltimore. I wrote this particular episode.


Coincidence turns to creepy when a woman from Castle’s past is murdered using the same method in his latest novel – which hasn’t been published!

TV Spec Script written for ABC’s one-hour drama Castle – available upon request.


How far would you go for an audition?

An original two-woman comedy scene submitted for the 2014 ABC-Disney Discovers Talent Showcase.


Marketing By Deepak

An article that shared social media tips through humor. And personal experience. Prevent the Twitter Unfollow: Tips from a Twitter User

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The Love Consultants

Humor articles written for The Love Consultants, a dating advice web site managed by Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal.

  • The A-List
  • Civil Disunion: So Where Are You Registered?
  • Couple Names- What Gives?
  • Forget About Your Type
  • Funny Over Fine Wins Every Time
  • Geek: Friend or Lover?
  • His Real “Honey Do” Thoughts
  • Is Your Spouse In Your League?
  • Leave The Crystal Ball At Home
  • Love Life In Limbo?
  • Narrow Your Search
  • 10 Foods to Avoid on a First Date
  • The Top 3 Guy Myths
  • The Top 10 Mantiques
  • Top 10 Things A Man Would Rather Be Doing On Valentine’s Day
  • Why Shorties Got Game

Twitter Famous

@Midnight #HashtagWars

@Midnight, a nightly show on Comedy Central, hosts a game called #HashtagWars. I play often. I’ve placed Top 10 a few times.

Here on 1/11/2017:

Here on 1/15/2015:

and on 1/19/2015 I actually won.

Comedy Central’s #CCSocialScene

Because of my participation in #HashtagWars, Comedy Central invited me this past few summers to participate in #CCSocialScene – where improv comedians use tweets as suggestions for sketches. A few of my tweets made it in.

Summer Cold Problems…

The video link is now broken, but my tweet was used as the closer for: